BenQ treVolo Wireless Bluetooth Portable Electrostatic Speaker

BenQ treVolo

Music has never travelled so well

BenQ treVolo is the best portable electrostatic Bluetooth speaker available with the same technology as high-end listening room speaker. It utilizes a quad amplified design utilizing active electrostatic panels, high quality woofers, and large radiators that are precisely tuned with a custom tuned DSP to deliver truly uncompromising better sound for the wireless compelling audio enjoyment.


treVolo speaker

treVolo speaker

Take Flight on the Purest Musical Journey with BenQ treVolo

tre is the sum of three Es: Electrostatic, Enjoyment and Everywhere. When fused with Italian word ‘Volo’, which means flight, treVolo is formed to bring to life BenQ’s brand promise and belief – uplift your musical journey to new heights of audio satisfaction, and take you flying with music.

Electrostatic Diaphragm Technology

treVolo incorporates a quad-amplified design that utilizes two BenQ lectrostatic panels with dual bass drivers and passive radiators, for flat frequency response to 90 dB, faithfully radiating a high level of audio detail from every angle to deliver precision vocals and harmonies the way they are meant to be heard.

treVolo speaker

Spacious Natural Sound

treVolo speaker

Sound Reproduction

Vertical dispersion of the entire thin-film diaphragm offers bidirectional sound projection over a large surface area for a more detailed audio performance in just about any space.

Audio Distinctiveness

Quad amplified system with active DSP crossovers that provide seamless transitions from low to high ranges, enabling you to hear the details in your music.

Placement and Spatial Requirement

Sound is produced on both sides of the speaker, like a real instrument. This provides a spacious and natural sound.


Precision-Tuned Speaker & Quad Amplified Design

A precision-tuned speaker and quad amplifier design ensure precise bass performance while achieving balance and neutrality in the overall performance of mid- and high-range sounds.

treVolo speaker

BenQ TrueSound Technology

TrueSound can help improve sound quality on highly compressed legacy audio files and the detail in the higher ranges of the audio spectrum

speaker trevolo

Bluetooth® 4.1 aptX® with Line-out function

CD-quality aptX® Bluetooth® gives you the highest support for Bluetooth® signal transmission, and Line-out feature can turns the speaker into a high-quality wireless Bluetooth® signal receiver. So you can enjoy CD-like quality sound wirelessly from your smart devices to you mind-to karge-sized Hi-Fi system.

treVolo speaker

Equalizer Modes

treVolo gives you three built-in ambiance modes-Pure (green indicator light) with minimal equalization, Warm (red indicator light) with a slight increase in bass, and Vivid (blue indicator light) - that highlights lead voices and instruments such as guitar and saxophone.

treVolo speaker

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