WiT MindDuo


Lighting Evolved for Pleasurable Reading

With quality lighting we can enjoy the intellectual stimulation of a comfortable workstation or indulge in the leisurely comfort of a good book to enrich our lives. BenQ WiT MindDuo offers the right color tone and temperature to suit any mood. All advanced features culminate to one central idea: a complete center for enjoyable reading.

Optimal Technology for Total Eye Comfort

WiT MindDuo detects any subtle differences in our surroundings and then offers optimized and evenly spread lighting. Combined with a built-in sensor, MindDuo automatically detects ambient light and displays status in three easy settings: “overly bright”, “properly illuminated” and “under illuminated,” helping you to select the most appropriate light setting.


Two Witty Lighting Modes

MindDuo provides two Witty Lighting Modes to protect your eyes by allowing you to alternate between reading on electronic screens or paper. With a longer touch of the panel, the sensor automatically detects the light levels inside the room and adjusts its brightness accordingly, offering customized lighting to read in various situations.


*Research indicates that while studying, a colder white light increases concentration; on the other hand, research that BenQ conducted in collaboration with National Central University in Taiwan shows that while reading from a digital screen, a medium color temperature and brightness is the most comfortable.


A Promise from BenQ’s Eye Care Technology

√Low glare, stable light source, and uniform rays for evenly lit coverage. √Passed the IEEE PAR 1789 test, demonstrating that the light is flicker free. √Passed the IEC/EN 62471 and IEC/EN 62778 tests of the EU, attesting its absence of hazardous blue-light.


A Color Tone for Every State of Mind

Reading is a complete sensory experience. Regardless of material and platform, there’s always a proper lighting mood. WiT MindDuo offers a broad range of color temperatures from 2,700K to 6,000K, to satisfy your illumination demands for any kind of activity. Go for warmer tone to read for leisure, or when you need to focus, simply flip to a cooler tone.


*According to the effect of color temperature of lighting sources research, cold white light (6,000K color temperature) is beneficial for concentration and productivity; warm yellowish light (2,700K color temperature) is ideal for casual reading.

Truly Human-Centric Technology

There are always times when you forget to turn on the light when you’re reading. And at times you forget to switch it off after you're done. With WiT MindDuo’s tech, lighting can be so considerate. Simply activate the Presence Detection toggle behind the knob and the lamp will automatically turn on when you take your seat and turn off when you're finished.


LED Ensures Eco-Friendly Efficiency and Durability

WiT MindDuo’s LED technology can be used for up to 50,000 hours. That means even with 8 hours of use every day, the lamp will continue to illuminate your reading environment for 17 years. Moreover, energy-efficient LED lights reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve our planet.


Super Wide 95cm Broad Illumination

Multi-tasking in our environments has become a mainstream activity. With WiT MindDuo’s unique design, you can light an expansive 95cm range, 150% wider than comparable intelligent lamps, as well as achieve a luminance of 500 lux in your workspace. This ultra-wide design enables to you comfortably read across various mediums--analog and digital--seamlessly.

*Based on a required distance of 40 cm, the edges of the table shine 500Lux bright.


USB Charging Port

To meet the demands of modern technology, WiT MindDuo works as a charging hub. The USB port provides 5V/1A power supply to recharge your mobile devices.

*The USB output is only for recharging electronic products and is not able to be used to charge or provide electricity to the lamp.


Great Technology for Great Lighting

A. Domain grate: Enlarge the lighting area
B. Infrared sensor: Sense user's presence
C. Ambient light sensor: Detect the ambient illumination and auto-adjust the light accordingly
D. Flicker-free LED driver IC: Offer stable, non-flickering light
E. Warm and cool LED light sources: Adjust the color temperature from cool white to warm white tones (2,700K~6,000K)


Evenly Spread and Comfortable Light

Using a domain grate design, we have developed a lamp head that is ergonomic but still capable of providing an illumination range 150% larger than comparable lamps. Meanwhile, the guiding grid offers gently spread light rays for ultimate eye comfort.


Ultimate Flexibility for any Angle

A lamp worthy to accompany your growing child’s needs, effortlessly adjusts to suit any height and sitting posture. WiT MindDuo has built-in torque spring technology and patented ball joints so anyone can adjust the height and angle of the light with ease, ensuring there are never any dead spots or uneven illumination.


Safety is Our Top Priority
A reliable and secure product

*The materials we used all passed the RoHS (2002/95/EC) certifications of the EU, attesting that they do not contain any unsafe substances such as heavy metals, to protect your health.
*The body of the lamp only has a 12-volt direct current, to avoid the danger of electric shocks.