BenQ JM250 Android TV Box

The Show Begins at Your Fingertip

Connect the JM-250 to your television, and prepare to be immersed in an infinite array of entertainment possibilities. Browse movies, TV shows, and games, or follow your favorite sports and celebrities --all on any device! Watch, listen or play what you want, when you want, and how you want.


What is Smart TV Box?

The JM-250 is compatible with many popular video streaming services, including Netflix, Maxdome, Wuaki, Chili-TV XBMC, and more, available exclusively from Google Play. With the JM-250’s VOD features, you can access your entire entertainment library across multiple platforms, and enjoy all of your content on the big screen.


Cast Support

The JM-250 is iOS compatible, including Play to GO, Photo to GO, EZcast and other cast apps so you can easily cast your photo, videos, music and online contents to your TV screen directly from your iPhone, iPad and android handheld devices. It makes sharing your multimedia files with friends and family simple and hassle-free.

Screen Mirror

The JM-250 supports mirroring, so you can cast your entire screen from any Android devices (running Android OS 4.2 and above) to a large display. It gives you a quick, convenient way to share your videos, music, photos, and presentations on a large screen.(*apply for some models)  

Google Services & Google Play embedded

The JM-250 is an official Google validated device with GMS (Google Mobile Service) certification, allowing you to download any apps from the pre-installed Google Play Store, and enjoy benefits from a number of pre-installed Google services. GMS delivers secure two-way communication and browsing, in addition to improved application compatibility, device reliability and automatic OTA (Over-the-Air) updating.

TV to Device - Entertainment Anywhere

Screen Link is a proprietary app developed exclusively by BenQ that allows you to beam any content easily from a large screen to your handheld device, so you can enjoy it on the go as you move around the house. You’re completely in control: whether you’re watching, playing, or surfing, Screen Link brings the magic of the big screen right to the palm of your hand.

Device to TV - Multimedia “to GO”

BenQ’s proprietary Play to GO and Photo to GO apps enable you to stream any image, video, or webpage from your smartphone or tablet directly to your full-sized, high-definition television set via the JM-250, creating unlimited entertainment possibilities. Play to GO and Photo to GO lets the JM-250 take care of your content so you can enjoy it on the big screen and use your mobile device simultaneously, while minimizing the drain on the resources of your device.

BenQ i-Remote - Simply In Control

The BenQ i-Remote is a unique remote control device designed to work exclusively with the JM-250. Its user-friendly design and intelligent interface put total control of your entertainment at the tip of your fingers.

The best of both worlds :

The BenQ i-Remote ingeniously combines the interfaces of a wireless mouse and a traditional remote control. Command the JM-250 with the flick of a wrist, or flip through the channels as you would with a conventional remote.

Scroll Wheel :

The highly responsive scroll wheel enables effortless web interface navigation, as easy as using a computer or a mobile device.

Voice Control :

With our unique voice search feature, simply speak a keyword into the BenQ i-Remote to launch a Smart Search. (*Only supports television and search engine usage. )

Quad Core Processor

The BenQ Smart TV Box’s ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core 2GHz processor delivers a significant performance boost from previous generations, ensuring that you have nothing short of lightning-fast response times and a flawless audiovisual experience.

Dual-Band Wireless

The BenQ Smart TV Box’s dual-band capability allows it to utilize both the 5GHz band for peak performance and data transfer, resulting in a seamless home entertainment experience.

4k2k UHD player

Resolution four times greater than 1080p HD brings you unparalleled visual definition and clarity. You have never had a visual experience like this.

Android 4.4

The Android 4.4 Operating system makes browsing speeds near-instantaneous, and delivers an overwhelmingly positive user experience. Native integration with Google Play means you can download your own apps and access limitless high-quality entertainment through your BenQ Smart TV Box.

BenQ Zone

The “BenQ Zone” is a content platform that provides access to BenQ’s innovative app suite as well as a complete library of media applications tailored to meet your entertainment needs. The wide array of entertainment channels available in the BenQ Zone can be accessed on any device connected to the JM-250.

BenQ Suggest

BenQ select popular apps from different category that suitable for the JM-250 users to play and provide ultimazie viewing experience.


Visual Perfection

BenQ’s extensive research into consumer viewing habits has resulted in the creation of a graphical format that produces perfect image dimensions. Refined through tireless precision testing, this technology helps to reduce eyestrain and provides maximum viewing comfort.

Multi-Format Support

The JM-250 supports a wide range of file formats (text, image, video, audio) and connects to most wireless and wired keyboards, mice, USB drives, HDDs, and card readers. With its wireless data transfer capabilities, you can access your data any way you like.



The “Screen Link” App

Screen Link can transport you straight into the world of any video you watch, so you can feel like you’re part of the action.


“Play to GO” App

Easy and instant to share the entertainment - “Play to Go” makes the smartphone or tablet stream video through the JM-250 to large screen.

“Photo to GO” App

Photo to GO lets you stream a photo slideshow to the BenQ Smart TV Box. Your most treasured moments and happiest memories can be shared on the big screen in brilliant high-definition so you won’t miss a single detail.


“Smart Control” App

Simply download and install BenQ’s Smart Control app on your smartphone to transform it into a fully functional remote control for your JM-250. The Smart Control App includes basic functions such touch, text, and voice input.

Voice input:
The Smart Control App uses the voice recognition capabilities of your smartphone to translate your speech into text.
Instant Text input:
BenQ’s one-of-a-kind interface transmits your text input to the TV in real-time, saving precious seconds and maximizing efficiency.


Easy to set up

Plug in
Plug it into your big Screen
Connect to your network
Cast any contents to your big screen
from your handheld devices